10 Days of Dhul-Hajj: HOLPI Calls for Brotherhood


People have been called upon to continue to support one another in these blessed ten days of Dhul-Hajj due to their significance in the sight of Allah.

The call was made by the Chairperson of the Hope for Orphans and Less Privileged Initiative (HOLPI), Hajiya Bilkisu Sani Yola, in a statement signed by the Public Relation Officer HOLPI Ibrahim Abdullahi made available media organisations.

Hajiya Bilkisu said that the first ten days of Dhul-Hajj are so important so much that there was exchange of knowledge among Ulamas as to which is the best between them and the Nights of majesty of Ramadan, pointing out that Muslims are so much encouraged to multiply good deeds in them.

She noted that people of the country have found themselves into an unimaginable state of challenges in almost everything to the extent that feeding the family with basic food has become cumbersome among citizenries.

The Chairperson stated that food stability is one of the major indices upon which a given country is assessed and rated as a stabilized, peaceful and prosperous nation, stressing that lack of this rudimentary brings about nothing but societal and economic chaos.

“The food crisis in Nigeria is indeed a worrisome. It is biting so much that people find it enormously and awfully difficult to feed themselves and their families. This is intolerable and unfortunate in a country like Nigeria, a nation which is blessed with copious resources, fertile lands and favourable weather to all forms of farming”, said Hajiya Bilkisu.

She lamented that orphans and less privileged are living in an untold condition due to the lack life necessities simply because they are weak or lost those who will look after them and unfortunately the society seems inconsiderate to their plight.

She then stressed the need for aiding such vulnerable that, “I am advocating for supporting the poor class in our midst. Let’s use these ten blessed days of Dhul-Hajj to keep offering succour to our brothers and sisters. Orphans and less privileged are seriously in need of our helping hands. Remember, our Noble Prophet of Islam (SAW) says _“Allah is in help of a servant if such a servant is helping his brother.”_

She called on the authorities concerned to urgently do all the possible best to arrest the wanton situation for the betterment of life of the people of the country.

Lastly, Hajiya Bilkisu enjoined people to make use of the opportunity of these ten days to keep praying persistently and try as much as possible to change their attitude from bad to good with full conviction that Allah will answer their prayers, stressing that it is easiest for Allah to within shortest period change our plight to better.

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