1445 AH MAULUD: Governor Yusuf Fecilitate With Muslim Ummah

Written by Pyramid FM Kano


As Muslims around the globe celebrates this year’s maulud (the birth of the holy prophet Muhammad SAW), Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has felicitate with the Muslims believers for the birth worthy of celebration.

Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf urged Muslims to replicate good qualities of the prophet of patience, persvearance, forgiveness, good neighbourliness among others and always examplified his life in their day to day engagements.

The Governor called on Kano Muslim ummah especially the youths to read the life of the prophet and his Sahaba (companions), follow and adhere to it as it would help to live in peace and interact with one another according to the teachings of Islam.

Alh Abba Kabir enjoined people to celebrate the maulud peacefully and continue to pray fervently for non-stop peace and security of lives and property of people of the state in particular and the nation in general.

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