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2022 World Environment Day: KNSG to Plant 1 Million Seedlings as Drainage Clearance Reached 95% Completion

Written by Pyramid FM Kano
By: Sani Magaji Garko

The World Environment Day (WED) as first celebrated in 1974 which aimed at creating worldwide awareness and catalyse actions for the protection of the Environment.

2022 marks the 49th time World Environment Day has been celebrated. It was established following the UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, and is celebrated annually on 5 June, with a different country hosting it each year. This year’s theme OnlyOneEarth – mirrors the theme of the first World Environment Day in 1973. It calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

“Fifty years ago, the world’s leaders came together at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and committed to protecting the planet. But we are far from succeeding. We can no longer ignore the alarm bells that ring louder every day,” United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres said in his World Environment Day message.

“The recent Stockholm+50 environment meeting reiterated that all 17 Sustainable Development Goals rely on a healthy planet,” he added. “We must all take responsibility to avert the catastrophe being wrought by the triple crises of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.”

The official event, held at the Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, included a discussion between Ms. Strandhäll, Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, and young people.

Around the world, countries and communities acted on World Environment Day to make a real difference to their environments. Religious leaders came together to sign a landmark appeal on climate-responsible finance. These organisations will only engage with financial institutions that are aligned with the Paris Agreement objective of limiting global warming to 1.5° C.


KNSG to Plant 1 Million Seedlings as Drainage Clearance Reached 95% Completion

Meanwhile, the Kano state government says it will plant one million tree seedlings in order to improve the state’s vegetation cover, address environmental pollution and combat climate change.

The state commissioner for Environment Dr Kabiru Ibrahim Getso made the disclosure at a press conference to mark the celebration of 2022 world Environment day held in Kano.

He said the state government has accorded priority on environmental sanitation a situation that promoted her to work out modalities which includes Pollution Control bill, Monthly environmental sanitation, sensitization against indiscriminate dumping of refuse in water ways, sensitization against open deification among others aimed at ensuring clean environment.

He said the state government has recently approved and ordered the conduct of “Keep Kano Clean Exercise 2022” which lasted for a period of 20 days from 14th April to 17th May, 2022 during which they have evacuated 1,461 trips (about 5,776 tons) of waste from 57 locations across the Kano metropolis.

The Full text of Commissioners Press conference read “I am indeed very delighted to address you today on this occasion as Kano joins the rest of the world to celebrate “Year 2022 World Environment Day”. The World Environment Day (WED) also called Eco’ Day or Peoples’ Day was established in 1972 by the United Nations General assembly at the time of Stockholm Conference, which was the world’s first conference to make environmental protection a major issue”.

“The World Environment Day (WED) was first celebrated in 1974 to create worldwide awareness and catalyse actions for the protection of the environment”.

“WED is celebrated on the 5Th of June of every year in over 143 countries, and it is said to be the biggest annual event organized by the United Nations. The main idea behind marking June 5 as World Environment Day is to raise awareness about environment and the importance of conserving the planet.

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It is also meant to commemorate, reflect and assess our collective progress towards improving and protecting our Environment”.

“The day also raises awareness about the environmental issues like Flooding, Erosion, Desertification, Global warming, Human over-population, Marine pollution, Protection of wildlife and Sustainable consumption”.

“This year’s WED is being hosted by Sweden and its theme is “Only One Earth” with a focus on the world’s togetherness in the direction of creating the atmosphere that is conducive for peace, harmony, prosperity and heath by saving the nature and life. This underscores the fact that we have only one planet, and this planet is our only home, we therefore need to save it for ourselves and for the future generations”!

“The policy of the theme is to create and adopt a lifestyle that is pollution-free and full of green land; while the moto of the day is still the same as it was 50 years ago: “to protect the mother nature”.

“We have been facing Covid-19 pandemic for the past 2 years: the global warming has become a big threat posing challenges to humanity in its efforts to secure a healthy life and nature’s protection; indiscriminate dumping of refuse has become so rampant in our society today: the environment has become extremely polluted and full of toxins which have harmful effect on our health and that of plants and animals: and more than 1 million animal and plant species are today facing the threat of extinction due to environmental mismanagement”.

“The above listed environmental challenges and many more not mentioned, have highlighted the significance of a safe, clean and sustainable environment like never before”!

“The World Environment Day therefo999re inspires us to do something about these challenges, to improve our environment and take appropriate steps to protect and preserve our cherished environment without which the life on earth is impossible at all”.

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“The Nigerian constitution provides that every person has a right to a clean and healthy environment. Consequently, it is a collective responsibility on Governments at all levels, individuals, groups and organizations alike to ensure effective management, protection and conservation of Our environment. We all owe it a duty to protect and conserve the environment and ensure sustainable use of the environment and its natural resources”.

“Over the years, human activities have caused so much degradation and pollution that has affected the delicate ecosystem. The damage has become severe, that the whole world has come together to stop any further damage as our continued survival on this planet is at a great risk. The 2 most recent cylinder explosions which occurred in Kano state and which led to environmental pollution, morbidity and destruction of lives and properties among others are typical examples. Other major environmental challenges are in the area of management of both liquid and solid wastes as well indiscriminate felling of trees”.

“Similarly, unsustainable land use practices, population explosion and land degradation have led to decline in the provision of ecosystem services, food insecurity, social and political instability and reduction in the ecosystem’s resilience to natural climate variability”.

“The consequences of environmental degradation are very grave, and all hands MUST be on deck to protect and conserve our environment”.

“Kano State Government, under the able leadership of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kano State Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR), has been giving priority attention to environmental sanitation, pollution control, prevention of flooding, erosion prevention and control, addressing climate change issues, fight against the menace of desertification and desert encroachment, restoration of degraded lands, biodiversity conservation, among others”.

“Some of the interventions and programs put in place by Government to effectively manage, protect and preserve our environment in Kano state include among other things:

  • The setting up of Kano State Afforestation Agency by the State Government which is funded with a view to plant more trees and manage forestry plantations in the state Kano State Government has keyed into the National Great Green Wall (NGGW) Project where it has provided funds and lands for the establishment of community tree nurseries and plantations in the state;
  • Kano State is also presently actively participating in the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP). The State Government has provided the sum of N500million counterpart funds as well as office complex for the State Project Management Unit. The project’s areas of intervention include Erosion control, watershed management, tree planting, capacity building, livelihood enhancement, etc;
  • Collaboration with Ecological Project Office under the Office of the Secretary to Govt of the Federation to establish Integrated Industrial Waste Management Facility at Challawa, Sharada and Bompai industrial estates so as to avert pollution from industries;
  • The Construction water conservation structure as well as minor irrigation facilities at Yan Sabo in Tofa Local Government has reached over 95% completion stage:
  • Efforts are also ongoing made for the provision of water conservation structures as well as minor irrigation facilities at Dambazau/ Fajewa in Takai LG, Yar Titi in Shanono LG and Dawan Kaya/Safame in Makoda Local Government
  • Efforts are ongoing for the provision of major Erosion Control Measures at Rarin Karas/Danguguwa In Dawakin Tofa LG, Bulbula/Gayawa at Bulbula, Nassarawa LG, and Kauyen Alu, Unguwa Uku, in Tarauni Local Government;
  • We have sustained the conduct of annual drainage clearance exercise to avert flooding in the state”.
  • The year 2022 annual drainage clearance exercise has reached over 95% completion stage, so far more than 70,000 linear meters of drainages have been desilted and more than 1,600 trips of silted materials have been evacuated from the drainages.
  • KNSG has restored annual tree planting exercise. In year 2020, we planted 2 million tree seedlings across the state, last year (2021): 1 million sedlings were planted, and in the next few weeks, year 2022 tree planting exercise will commence where we plan to plant 1 million tree seedlings in order to improve the state’s vegetation cover, address environmental pollution, combat climate change, among others;

In the area of policy formulation & legislation:

  • We have promulgated the State Policy on Environment to give policy direction for the state environment sector:
  • The Kano State Watershed, Erosion and Climate Change Management Agency (WECCMA) Law has recently been passed into law by the State House of Assembly:
  • The State Pollution Control Bill has been submitted to State House of Assembly and has passed through second reading:
  • State Forestry Bill is also be ing drafted by the Ministry and will soon be submitted to the State Executive Council for approval and transmission to the State House of This bill will help to curtail indiscriminate cutting of trees in the state;
  • Three (3) other bils on Solid waste management, Liquid waste management and Air quality/Green House Gases Emission have been drafted and are with State Ministry of Justice undergoing legal vetting;

Other activities include:

  • Conduct of routine & monthly sanitation exercises and provision of funds, vehicles, equipment and other logistics for the exercises: very recently we conducteda “Keep Kano Clean Exercise 2022” which lasted for a period of 20 days from 14th April – 7th May, 2022 during which we evacuated 1,461 trips (about 5, 776 tons) of waste from 57 locations across the metropolis. Presently, the ministry in collaboration with Capegate and relevant MDAs is conducting “Keep Kano Clean Initiative ” which is meant to further clean and sanitize the state;
  • Environmental education and awareness programmes are ongoing;
  • Pest and vector control exercise across the 44 LGAs of the State:
  • Promotion of use of clean energy to mitigate air pollution through distribution of natural gas cooking facilities and clean cook stoves free-of-charge to members of the public;
  • Construction and leasing of public conveniences to control open defecation in the state;
  • Regulation of construction of Private conveniences;
  • Sanitary inspection & monitoring of private & public conveniences;
  • Procurement of temporary toilets for deployment & use during public functions, among numerous other activities;
  • Etc”.


“Apart from this press briefing, other activities planned to mark this year’s World Environment Day include Tree planting exercise, Community awareness campaigns, Radio and Television phone-in programs, among others”.

“I want to seize this opportunity to urge all members of the public to continue to support Kano State Government in its efforts to provide befitting environment through:

  1. Keeping our environments clean and tidy,
  2. Avoiding indiscriminate dumping of refuse in our premises,

            3.  Avoid throwing garbage or keeping building materials (sand, gravels, etc) inside drainages or on the roads,

4. Stop cutting down trees: Every person should plant at least one tree this rainy season,

5. Avoid undertaking trades involving hazardous substances within residential areas”.

“Let me also urge the private sector to complement Government’s efforts in building a healthy and safe environment”.

“Permit me to also use this opportunity to, once again, sensitize members of public on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in the country. It is not yet over! We should therefore continue to:

  • We wear face masks always
  • Wash our hands regularly with soap and running water, or use hand sanitizers where this is not available
  • Observe social distancing,
  • Ensure proper personal hygiene and environmental sanitation”.

“The Ministry of Environment is most grateful to KNSG under the sterling leadership of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kano State Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR), for the tremendous support it enjoys in its efforts to make our environment clean, healthy and safe”.

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“We are also thankful to the Federal Ministry of Environment, other stakeholders like State Ministry of Works & Infrastructure, KNUPDA, WRECA, KARMA, NESREA, National Agency for the Great Green Wal Project (NAGGW), EHORECON, EHOAN, Nigeria Environmental Society (NES), National Orientation Agency (NOA), and our development partners such as UNEP and UNICEF, Kano State Tipper Drivers’ Association, State Central Working Committee, Civil Society Organizations and many others in areas of environmental protection and conservation. We are indeed grateful”.

“We are equally grateful to the Emirate Council ls, our traditional rulers and religious leaders who have been playing a very crucial role in mobilizing their subjects and followers to ensure that our environment is sanitized and protected”.

“To our environmental health workers, more work need to be done to ensure that our efforts yield positive results. I therefore urge you all to be extra-committed and to exhibit the spirit of honesty and dedication in your work”.

“Finally, are our dear friends the Gentlemen of the media who are always with us, ensuring that members of the public are well informed about our laudable policies and programs that are aimed at safeguarding our Our environment”. “We most sincerely appreciate your immense contributions”.

Thank you all.

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