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2023: Revalidate Your PVC, Vote for Technocrat -Group

The convener Mr. Siasia
Ahead of the 2023 general elections, a youth movement under the auspices of the Green Nigeria Movement, GNM has vowed to effect change in the leadership of the country by voting in a technocrat to run the affairs of the nation and salvage its woes.
The Convener of the Movement Mr. Moses Siasia stated this during the inaugural rally by the movement in Kano.
 He said GNM will mobilize about 40 million votes to support the candidate to effect the change.
Siasia explained that soon the movement would unveil Its candidate to Nigerians as it is currently scrutinizing the numerous candidates.
 “The time for all manners of sentiment is over, we are going to support a technocrat. It is time for professionals to take over the political scene. It is time for Technocrats to take over the political scene. It is time for people who have the conscience of the masses at heart to take over the political scene”
He said the situation currently in the country is that “hunger is too much. People can not eat three square meals. We are not supporting backwardness. We are not supporting analog people. We are supporting digital people that will bring new ideas and innovations to move our country forward.
“We will only vote for digital candidates, who will bring employment opportunities to the teeming masses. Who will engage the youths in doing different jobs to stop going to prisons for committing crimes as a result of joblessness,” he said.
Siasia also called on youths and women to get Voter’s Card to ensure they vote for the right candidate, urging them not to seek their voter’s cards on election days.
The Chairman said they decided to unveil the GNM project in Kano because the state is the root of all politics in the country.
Siasia further stated that unveiling GNM is historical as it is the launch of a project that would usher in a new dawn in the quest for the development of the country.
“Today history has been made as young professionals to unveil this gigantic project in the city of Kano. We are here to commence a project that will reset Nigeria. We want to reset Nigeria.
“We need your maximum support and cooperation to achieve this milestone,” Siasia declared.

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