2024 Leprosy Day: Kano Provides Free Health Services For Leprosy Patients – Dr. Labaran

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Kano state government has assured its readiness to all necessary support for leprosy patients in the state.

The state commissioner for health Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf stated this during the press briefing in commemoration of 2024 world Leprosy and Neglected Tropical Diseases Days in Kano.

He said, the events are set aside for further raise public awareness on leprosy and Neglected Tropical Diseases which still cause ill health affecting the mental, physical, social and economic well being of people.

“The events are part of our efforts being made to end the diseases and associated stigma and Discrimination of affected Parsons.” The commissioner said.

The theme for this year’s world Leprosy Day “Beat Leprosy” while its slogan is “end stigma embrace Dignity.” Also the theme for this year’s Neglected Tropical Diseases is “unite, act, eliminate.”

“The themes and slogan are in line with efforts of kano state government under governor Abba Kabir Yusuf to beat leprosy and Neglected Tropical Diseases, end stigma embrace dignity and ensure a united front for action to eliminate both leprosy and Neglected Tropical Diseases in collaboration with Federal ministry of health and other partners.” Dr. Labaran added

The commissioner pointed out that, Kano state government has made its effort to cut the transmission and eliminate those conditions as well as reduce their burden and socio economic in addition to health promotion and rehabilitation of affected Parsons alongside Kano state programs, world Health organization (WHO) and other partners.

“Kano state government remains committed to provide free health services such as TB, leprosy and Neglected Tropical Diseases, maternal, child health, Accident and Emergency services.” The commissioner said.

Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf further said in 2023 globally 174,087 new leprosy cases notified, out of which 21,935 were in Africa and Nigeria notified 2,393 leprosy cases and is among 18 high leprosy burden countries in the world, adding that kano state notified and treated 333 leprosy patients, but no any one lost his life.

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