Adopting Modern Agricultural Technologies, Right policies, Key to Food Security in Nigeria – Dr. Solomon

By: Abdullahi Jalaluddeen 

Adequate use of modern agricultural technology in wheat farming and ensuring the right policy has been described as the major pillar of producing enough food that would the country and other African countries.

The Head of Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation, TAAT, disclosed this during Train the Trainers, ToT workshop it organized on Wheat seed production in Nigeria.

He said, the TAAT project is aiming at ensuring that Nigeria became self sufficient in terms of food products geared towards enhancing Food Security.

He said, Nigeria have vast and fertile land for farming, enough water and the technology, but unfortunately Nigeria is the largest food importer in Africa.

“In Africa we have the technology,we have the land, water and the people but unfortunately Africa is the largest importer of food in the world,which is very alarming.”

Dr. Solomon Gizaw said, one of the top priority of Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation, TAAT is to bring technology to the farmers, help farmers to have the right policy from government and also link farmers market.

He added that if farmers were getting the right technology,policy Support and market link,they can compete with global agricultural market and there will be food security.

“Today Nigeria only cover 5 percent of it’s wheat production produced in the country,95 percent is coming from other part of the world, spending over 5 Billion Dollars.”

In a remark a wheat producer Alhaji Munnir Babba Dan Agundi said, the issue of policy direction and policy summersaults remains the major challenge of wheat production enhancement in Nigerian.

He urged government and other stakeholders to ensure consistency of policy and Commitment geared towards achieving the set objectives.

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