All activities in Kofar Mata Eid-ground be suspended- KAROTA


The Kano State Commissioner of Transport, Engr. Muhammad Diggol has announced that all vehicles parked, unloading and offloading of goods in the Kofar Mata Eid-ground be suspended.

Added that collections of any fees in respect of services provided in the Eid ground also suspended.

In a press release issued and signed by the Commissioner of Transport, Engr. Diggol warned that the suspension is with immediate effect on or before 24 hours after this announcement.

According to the release the Kofar Mata Eid-ground should henceforth be free from offering any services and business activities until after the completion of fencing work that will soon take-up.

He called on the general public to cooperate with the present government commitments of actualising Kano City Infrastructural Master Plan.

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