All CMDs/Zonal Directors To Disbands Staff In Antenatal Care, Immunization Unit And OPDs – Dr. Nagoda


The Executive Secretary Kano state Hospitals Management Board Dr. Mansur Mudi Nagoda has called on administrators, chief medical directors/Zonal directors of all health facilities under the care of the board as a matter of urgency to make new roasters, inserting all medical practitioners to serve in all calls/shifts.

Dr. Nagoda made the call after an unscheduled visit to one of the facilities, noting that all staff must fall into the duty roaster- either with nursing or medical, dental council of Nigeria.

Inn a statement signed by the Public Relations Officer state Hospital Management Board Samira Sulaiman said that every medical officer who has duly signed, sworn and taken affirmation from various bodies to serve in the health institution must be on either morning, afternoon, evening or night duty roaster which is part of the medical legal documents.

Dr Nagoda lamented that, it is the duty of the administrator, CMDs/zonal directors to make sure that this policy is implemented adding that names, residential address, telephone numbers should be added on the roaster and failure to comply, their jobs would be at stake. Also if the are unable to handle the staff, then the board would take the necessary action.

He further directed all the chief medical directors/ zonal directors to check the antenatal care, immunization unit, OPDs and disband all staff with immediate effect, adding that the power has been vested on them to take charge of their facilities.

Dr. Nagoda said they government approved automatic call, hazard and shift allowance to medical practitioners and so everyone is expected to participate In all shifts. He said when ever any supervision team meets the absence of any staff on shift at the ward or emergency unit, the CMDs/Zonal directors would be held accountable.

According to the Executive Secretary, any medical practitioner who feels that he or she cannot oblige with the above instructions should honorably tender their resignation.

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