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ANCOPSS-Jaiz Land Loan Tussle: No Iota Of Victimization – Zakirai

Written by Pyramid FM Kano


The Kano state Senior Secondary School Management Board (KSSMB) has assured that no any principal in Kano will lost his money or land as a result of agreement reached between the state and the All Nigeria Confederation of Principal of Senior Secondary School (ANCOPSS) and the Jaiz Bank Plc.

The Executive Secretary of the Board Dr. Kabiru Ado Zakirai disclosed this in an exclusive interview with our reporter on this day Friday.

According to him, the board has seen it important to dissolved the caretaker leaders of the association following expiration of their tenure which exceeds the time frame and guideline as contained in the Constitution of the association.

He said, a caretaker leaders led by Malam Bashir Baffa Muhammad (Now Principal of RUMFA college) were appointed and were given three months to prepare for the elections.

“The current ANCOPSS that were dissolved today, were caretaker committee setup four years ago by the previous administration and according to constitution of ANCOPSS, even elected leaders of the association are to serve for four (4) years after which there should be an election, and those dissolved today they are not even elected, they are just caretaker and no election hold during that time.” Zakirai said.

He also said, “We have setup caretaker committee now and they should hold office for three months after which within the time frame they should prepare and hold elections.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Kabiru Zakirai has assured that no any principle in Kano state would loose his money as result of agreement between the ANCOPSS and Jaiz Bank Plc.

The ES made the remarks following series of complaints received from different principles in Kano state that Jaiz Bank has been deducting money for the period of three years out of which a land will be allocated to them, yet the tenure of ANCOPSS leaders expired and neither received land allocation or documents relating to their land nor do they received back their money.

His words, “I have received a series of complaints from different principles that their money were deducted by a particular bank (Jaiz Bank) for the sake of providing them with land, and the said land should be provided to them about three or two years back, and their money is been deducted for three years now.”

“I made effort to sit down with the ANCOPSS and Jaiz Bank which deducted the money, the officers (ANCOPSS) deliberately transfer the salary of these principles to Jaiz Bank, and the bank started deducting money and never provide the land up to now, and majority of the principals are aggrieved that seens the tenure of the ANCOPSS is coming to an end now, what is the fate of their money?.”

“When I held a meeting with the two parties my first question is that, I asked ANCOPSS that did they consulted the legal department of KSSMB before getting into an agreement with the bank especially on the issue that has to do with deductions of staff salary? And they Reply NO, which is illegal because no officer, no association supposed to tempered with staff salary or enter any agreement on behalf of any officer without appropriate consultation with the board, so now the board is left to ensure that either recover the land or the money.”

“Now in our efforts to recover either the land or money, the former chairman of the ANCOPSS and the secretary who signed the agreement on behalf of the principals were constituted as a committee alongside director schools and legal adviser of the KSSMB to sit-down with the management of Jaiz Bank and ensure that either the money or the lands was recovered, also even the Jaiz bank is in dilemma because, in the process of purchasing the land, they brought on board agents, who would provide the land for the bank and to the principles, now the agents swindled the land and started selling it, and when the bank reached out to them to stop selling the land, the agents go to Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and court to stop the bank from taking custody of the land, and records shows that the agent is out there continue selling the land to someone else.”

The Executive Secretary said, the welfare of his Staffs is of paramount importance and the board will ensure it follows the issue to the logical conclusion and no single staff’s money or land is lost.

Zakirai then commended Engr. Abba Kabiru Yusuf led administration for stopping the unnecessary deduction of money from workers salary and the payment of the salary as it when due also assuring that the board will make sure every staff perform his responsibilities diligently.

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