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Breaking: “Kano State Government did not revoke Kano Club title”

By: Mukhtar Yahaya Shehu

The attention of Kano State Bureau for Land Management has been drown to some media reports most especially electronic media that the State Government has “revoked” the certificate of occupancy of Kano Club which accommodates the Kano Golf Course.

In a statement signed by the information officer Kano state Bureau for Land Management Murtala Shehu Umar said the Bureau wants to state clearly that the State Government did not revoke any title for Kano Club land.

A letter of notification of experiation of term of grant was served on the title holder in accordance with the Land Use Act (1978) which specified terms and conditions governing land allocation which provides a term of 40 years for commercial title and 99 years for residential title.

In line with the provisions of act, the title of Kano Club having been issued on 6, April 1979 has expired on 6, April 2019 since about four years ago.

It should therefore be noted that the story is mischievous and there is nothing like “Revocation” of the title.

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