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CTAD advocates for establishing referral and forensic centers for victims of GDV in Kano

By Abdullahi jalaluddeen
The Center for information technology and development CTAD has called on kano state government and the legislative to ensure the passage of the Child right Act at the state level with aim of addressing the menace of Gender-Based Violence.
The Gender project  program Manager Zainab Aminu stated this while briefing journalist in Kano.
She explained that if such bill was being implemented it will contribute immensely towards addressing the menace of Gender-base violence
“This press conference is part of a broader project, titled “Strengthening Citizens Response and Protection Against Gender Based Violence in Kano, Nigeria” aimed contributing in curbing GBV in the society and to promote the wellbeing of women and girl child, including creating a safe and secure educational environment, that CITAD is implementing with support from the Ford Foundation has been implementing.”
“Its overall goal is to achieve a safe society for women and girls, free from gender violence and discrimination to bridge gender gap in girl child education, allowing for the attainment of gender parity in educational accomplishments”
Zainab Aminu noted that compared with the data gathered on GDV with that of last month , there was an increase on reported cases, stressing that collaborative efforts needed to be implored in ensuring that the challenge was being addressed.
“Our stand point is that we need evidence–based advocacy in order to successfully engage and mobilize various stakeholders to join together to address the problem of GBV in the society. In getting the data we are sharing with you, CITAD has implemented a multi-approach mechanism including:
The use of electronic platforms (CITAD GBV App) for people to reports incidences in privacy. The App is available on Play Store for Android and IOS. It can be downloaded by anyone and cases can be reported anonymously”
“To provide a safe space for young girls to report cases and threat as well learn how to protect themselves as the same time have opportunity for personalized counselling to deal with the trauma. We have set up two safe-spaces for learning and creativity in some schools that are to serve a cluster of schools and we have positioned a number of highly accomplished women professional as mentors will are available both on-site and off-site to listen to the girls and other victims for counselling and support to overcome the trauma”
CTAD further urged Religious and Traditional leaders both at state and local levels to intensify efforts in creating awareness against GBV and encouraging individuals to voice out when they observe any such violence.

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