Delegates or Money Pits?

Written by Pyramid FM Kano

By: Nuraddeen Danjuma from Kano, Nigeria.

A delegate is a person selected to represent a group of people is some political assembly or conventions. These choicest people who belong to elitedom and infested by peduculosis are currently deciding who to contest in general elections of my dear Nigeria in 2023. Their action of collecting ‘few dollars more’ is maiming the future of our beloved country in many ways and permanently.

Over the last week or two, delegates have thrown the gauntlet and they do not know the gravity of that because money pits they are.

An article by Olusegun Adeniyi, a former aide of President Yar’Adua titled ‘I want to be a Party Delegate’ dated 26, May 2022 and published by Thisday narrated a story of his friend who is forever seeking trending jobs that he want to be a party delegate for either All Progressives Congress (who ideology is extremely selfish and retrogressive) or opposition PDP (home to many phthriasis ridden stinkards). To the friend, this is an almighty chance to clinch at least $10,000 from each aspirant. That was affirmed by BBC Hausa yesterday on its website saying that the primary election was tainted by widespread accusations of bribing delegates with as much as the same amount stated by Adeniyi’s friend even before the election or $35,000 allegedly.

An aspirant of the recently concluded PDP primary election apparently got two golden votes for not responding to the delegates’ eye darting.

Many implications of this week’s spree are obvious. For example, the venal enterprise was blamed for the recent hike in exchange rate at parallel market and subsequently the prices of commodities and insecurity. It is also responsible for elevation of insecurity in some parts of the country such Niger, Lagos, Taraba, Anambra, Kaduna, and even Bauchi where the former Airforce Chief clinched a ticket. Amidst this heinous act, those who give you the dollars will leave you with 16.82% inflation rate which outlook spells doom. As consumers, higher food prices will also hurt you.

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Children of serving and former Governors clinched the ticket to run for various positions. Where are your wards now?. At home idle for three month, thus vulnerable owing to strike in public universities. Like the late 14th century popular English phrase ‘unclothing peter to clothe paul’, our once thrifty Nigeria is again handed over to political gladiators who’s ambitions is ‘cash and carry’. Only God knows what the ruling APC will do if opposition party be as wastebasket.

Ironically, delegates say EFCC and ICPC can’t prosecute them. Yes they may not. But deeds that appear good in hearts of you people will be rewarded accordingly. I also hope that the EFCC should arrest and prosecute the offenders because ‘a tree is known by her fruits’. This disreputable character should not be allowed and taken seriously as that of the N80bn man in custody for stabbing Nigerian workers and academics, feasting on common pool carcass and denying them their hard earned share. The money pits have risen and will fall for settling for less and trading the posterity of country. Just as the delegates before, I am sure, 2022 ones may spend another 4 years of lame economy, poor exchange rate, high food prices, insecurity, no power, no roads, empty promises, joblessness and growing heir apparent democracy. God forbid not for your actions.

Nuraddeen Danjuma is a lecturer with Bayero University, Kano.

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