Dilapidations: Lawyer Declares Intention to Boycott Gidan Murtala

Written by Pyramid FM Kano

By: Mustapha Gambo Muhammad

A Kano based legal practitioner, Barrister Ibrahim Baba has declared his intention to boycott Gidan Murtala Magistrate Court Complex, in the state over what he described as dilapidated conditions of the complex.

In an article written on Nigerian Bar Association’s Facebook Platform, the legal practitioner said from 3rd of June 2022 he henceforth boycott the Complex.

“I Ibrahim Baba, Esq., Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria will henceforth boycott the Gidan Murtala Magistrate Court Complex, Kano until either the Complex is fit to be regarded as a court under Section 36 of the Nigerian Constitution or move to vicinity that is akin to a Court under the law,”

The lawyer, further said that he pronounced his stance because access to justice of his clients and that of other citizens is under threat.

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In the article, Barrister Baba threaten to sue the authorities involved.

When our Reporter further contacted Barrister Baba to confirm his stance on the article  he authored, the lawyer stated that the situation at Gidan Murtala Complex is abysmal.

“The five Magistrates in the Complex are sharing only two tattered court room.

Most of the proceedings conducted in chamber, and that is seriously in contravention of our Administration of Justice Law,” he said.

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The Lawyer lamented that the entire complex lacks befitting toilet for the usage of legal officers, lawyers, litigants and detainees with is provision of the law.

“Last time, i attended the complex for a case, I saw a Magistrate holding a kettle going out of the premises to urinate, this is extremely appalling.” The lawyer however stated.

Contacted to shed light on the state of dilapidations of the complex, the Spokesman of Kano State Judiciary, Baba Jibo Ibrahim said,

“This is a terrible condition, adjucation needs good atmospheric condition to have an excellent dispensation of Adminstration of Justice without any rancour.

“You see, Judiciary is financially constraint, we are not statutory responsible for capital project, this is why we are agitating for Judicial autonomy, as stipulated by section 121 of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended.

Our hands are tied financially, we have to made our request to state executive when ever we need money.

On his part, the Kano State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Musa Abdullahi Lawan said it is true  that the level of dilapidations is worrisome at Gidan Murtala Court Complex, but acccording to him, ” initially, Kano State Government commenced renovations of the complex and high court together, but when the issue of Judicial independence came up, the entire projects hold, waiting the issue to be resolve” he stated.

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