Early Childhood Education: The Success Story of ECE in Shagari LG ,Sokoto

Written by Pyramid FM Kano
By Abdullahi Jalaludddeen
Shagari local government area is among the old and historic local government areas of Sokoto State.
Introduction of the Early Child Education in primary schools was a great development in the aspect of imparting knowledge to pupils of primary schools, especially those at early stages of formal education.
During a visit to Magaji Abdullahi Primary School in Shagari Local Government Area of Sokoto State, it was gathered that the school witnessed an increase in the enrollment of pupils due to the introduction of the ECE mode of teaching.
A team of journalists sponsored by UNICEF visited the school as part of their activity during a two-day media dialogue on early childhood education (ECE) in Nigeria, organized by the federal ministry of information and culture in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) held in Sokoto.
During the visit, a classroom teacher at Maga primary school zahra’u Modi attributed the high increase in pupil enrollment to the introduction of Early Child Education (ECE) in the primary school system.

She said the introduction of early child Education to the school system which is play-based has paved the way for an increase in the number of pupils brought to Magaji Abdullahi Primary School in Shagari Local Government Area of Sokoto state.”

“When we come in the early hours we normally do what we refer to as morning circle, between 8 am to 9:00 am that’s for one hour, after the morning circle we proceed to formal classroom subjects, such as English Language, Arabic, And Hausa Languages”

“At the early stage of development, much pressure should not be invaded into the child’s brain, hence it is very paramount to ensure play-based Early Child Education, to ensure that children have the passion and love for education,” the teacher said.

Speaking to our correspondent one of the parents of the ECE pupils Malam Kabiru Mohammad Dauda said “we parents are happy with this child play-based education because even at home the pupils always memorize what they have been tough at school and are always eager to go back to school in the following day.”

According to a teacher at the Magaji Abdullahi Nursery and Primary school named Kulu Bala Shagari, their major challenge was a lack of adequate instructional materials and motivation.

She appealed to relevant authorities to expedite action in providing the needed instructional materials, to uplift the standard of education in the state.

It was observed that both the teachers, parents, and pupils were willing to learn, but lack of adequate motivation and teaching instructional materials were hurting education.

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