Education A Key Legacy Parents Should Invests in Children — Sharu Ahlan

Written by Pyramid FM Kano

Education has been described as a key Legacy that Parents and guardians should invest in their children for better and sound society.

The Kano state Football Association chairman Dr. Shareef Rabi’u Inuwa Ahlan (Sharu Ahlan), the Sardaunan Makaman Bichi made the assertion at the Qur’anic graduation ceremony of Fouty- Eight student of Kabiru Musa Islamiyya Gyaranya in Gwale local Government, Kano state.

According to Ahlan “sincerely speaking, no society could attend speady growth and Development when it’s members are not educated, that is why responsible parents find it necessary in ensuring that they give there children sound education be it formal or Informal”.

Speaking to journalist shortly after graduation ceremony, Dr Shareef Rabi’u Inuwa Ahlan emphasis the need for fellow parents to ensured their children do not attend western school’s only but also Islamiyya schools, so as to acquired religious Knowledge as we are specifically born to worship God.

Sardaunan Makaman Bichi used the medium to congratulate the graduating students, and enjoined them to seek for additional knowledge as Education has no boundaries.

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On his part, the Head teacher of the school Malam Abdulkadir Ali Uba said the institution was established in 1984 with the aim of contributing toward the socia Educational development of the Area.

He called on parents to ensured strick monitoring of their children so as to have knowledge of the actions and friends.

Abdulkadir Uba thank individuals and corporate bodies that have been offering the school logistics and financial supports which he said facilitate the conduct of it rooting activities.

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