Government House Roundabout Demolished for Security and Safety Reasons


To reconstruct a new one that is fit for purpose in the interest of public good

Kano State government has demolished the government house roundabout last night in the best interest of public good.

Prior to the exercise, government had consulted professional Engineers in the relevant fields who ascertained to the fact that the roundabout construction was substandard and has the tendency to collapse between 2023 and 2024.

This is because it is done with used foam work and too much sandy materials instead of normal cement concrete.

Also, the structure is too tall to be placed in front of the government house as it defaces its main gate which blocks the view for security surveillance.

Additionally, it poses traffic challenges around the area because of its size, blocking the view of drivers accessing all routes linked through the roundabout.

The government wishes to make it clear that it became very necessary to take down the structure for the purposes of immediate reconstruction and downsizing to ensure visibility of the government house entrance and safety of motorists.

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