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Many people in Africa don’t yet understand how the world works, to raise for resources and capitalism is about captivating and capturing resources in order to built monopolies .

For example Zisco Steel in Zimbabwe was purely sabotised by monopoly makers, and this monopoly makers ware company like Anglo- America.
Anglo-America is a global mining company with a portfolio that spans diamonds, platinum, copper, iron ore & more in south Africa.

Zisco steel, was in every way similar with to 1800 steel. They are both responsible for creating,engaging and smelting iron and steel in Zimbabwe.

Now Zesco steel is the largest iron steel, manufacturer in the southern hermesphere, the biggest in Africa,Brazil and Australia .

The problem started when Zimbabwe got independence, the Western are not happy to bestow on the African country with the ability to produce iron and the ability to sophisticate iron and to create military hardware, and industrial hardware, and industrialised the entire Africa at large.

Apparently,the reason is because immediately after second II World War ended, there was plan called the MOGANDOR PLAN , the plan was supposed to de-industrialized Japan and Germany so they will never rise to become superpower that will check the Western world, or the Western banking system, so what they did, they want to change them into grarian societies they take out their Industries, block their minds, take their walkers take them out of Germany and Japan so that this country will not attend industrialisation.

Eventually what happens was Germany’s lack of development and Japan made it difficult for the West to compete with Russia which was then bringing communism to Europe and beyond, so they were force to allow Germany and Japan to developed so that western capitalism will show as an example for success in the region as a result of capitalism , but before this capitalism take place for Marshall Plan to be given to this place to the Western countries to rise themselves up, they need a cheap resources, what they have to do was to take the MAGANDOR plan, the under
development plan to Africa .

This plan requires a chip resources and what they have to do, is to move the MOGANDOR plan to Africa, the under development plan is a grarian Society plan, taken to Africa that means they have to end the industrialization ambition of African countries that had just come out of colonialism to ensure that they will never ever sophisticate their resources.

This is exactly what is happening in South Africa with esco.

Esco itself was created by private Monopoly was led by the British South African company sister’s John Rosie company, and it created a school with private entity company which they are providing electricity to a lot of the mining Industries in South Africa,

They get so ambitious that they want to become the biggest electricity supplying company which is the Victoria Falls power supply company that owns by scissor Jack rods remember, all British South African company was also taken by Anglo-Americans, the same one we see they are having problem with this coastal now so Anglo-America become the agent of sabotaging Africa to ensure that all industrial capacity is taken control by white fox.

Currently the state of Esco as a state capital it is a false narrative, because it has 5% steak of the economy in South Africa, the same people perpetuate crimes on the same State of the economy in South Africa, and the same set of people you find running the society, the banking system, the democracy, doing the same thing that happens during the appetite.

Anglo-American was there to destroy this coastal to maintain wild Monopoly and white state cupture Theory in the South African economic system.

In Nigeria , on 12 july this year , the Nigerian authority has impounded a vessel full with stolen crude oil to the tune of 800,000 barrel.

A rational thinking human being will think that burning of the vessel is the proper patriotic zeal of the government official effort to panalised the papetuators.

On the other hand, some people think that destroying the vessel and crude oil steal from the Nigerian soil is also an attempt to destroy evidence and I am sure that if investigation deepens you will find the foreign elements of the Western conspiracy tie to this vessel scandal.

Further investigation into the activities of the vessel at the NNPC LIMITED command and control centre also reveal that the vessel has been operating stealth mode for the last 12 years, the last reported location of the vessel was Tin can pot in July 2011.

Details of this arrest and the outcomes of the investigations where escalated to the appropriate government authorities, upon which it was concluded to destroy the vessel to serve as a strong warning and deterent to all those participating in such illegal activities to seize or desist.

Nasiru Waziri is a commentator on National and Global happenings.

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