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I Promised To Reform And Reposition FCSC – Prof. Tunji

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The new chairman of the federal civil service commission, Professor Tunji Olaopa has promised to reform and reposition the commission.

He made the pledge at the welcome ceremony organized for him at the Commission in Abuja by members of staff.

The Chairman pledged to turn things around at the Commission using his first few months to vigorously pursue the rebranding of the organization and restore its integrity.

THE Chairman, civil service commission. Professor Tunji Olaopa said the Commission’s core mandate will be assessed to identify challenged areas.

The Permanent Secretary, Dr. Yakubu Kofarmata praised the appointment of Professor Olaopa noting that his actions were indicative of a professional with goals on his mind.

The new chairman, federal civil service commission, Professor Tunji Olaopa was a former Permanent Secretary and worked on several public policy reforms.


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