IPAC Advises Kano Govt. on How To Distribute Palliatives

Written by Pyramid FM Kano


The Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) has Advised Kano state government to emphasize on the equitable distribution of Palliatives so as to maintain trust and ensure that the most vulnerable individuals and families receive the support they require irrespective of their political preferences.

IPAC’s Kano state secretary Nuhu Idris disclosed this at a press conference held in Kano on Saturday.

According to Nuhu it’s important to have transparent and objective criteria of identifying eligible beneficiaries of the Palliatives so that individuals and families that needed it most received it, adding that the state government should employed every mechanism in ensuring that not only one political party appliated people benefits from it as the federal government allocate the Palliatives to Kano people not one group.

On its seven point (7) advisory urged for the Constituting of committee that comprise of community leaders, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and the journalist so as to assist in the distribution process, the development that will build trust between leaders and followers.

The IPAC advisory recommendation and guidelines for the distribution of Palliatives are:

Transparent Criteria: Establish transparent and objective criteria for identifying eligible beneficiaries, ensuring that those who need assistance the most receive it.

Community-Based Distribution: Engage local community leaders, non-
governnmental organizations, and civil society groups to assist in the distribution process. Their intimate knowledge of local conditions and needs can help ensure that no one is left behind.

Random Selection: Implement a randomized selection process to eliminate any potential bias or favoritism in the distribution of goods. This ensures that the
distribution is fair and impartial.

Public Awareness: Communicate the distribution plan widely and transparently to the public. Share the criteria, application process (if applicable) and distribution schedule through various channels, including social media, radio and local

Independent Oversight: Invite independent observers or organizations to monitor the distribution process to maintain transparency and accountability.

Feedback Mechanism: Establish a feedback mechanism for recipients to report any irregularities or concerns regarding the distribution process.

Regular Updates: Provide regular updates on the progress of palliative distribution to keep the public informed and maintain trust in the process.

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