Kano Commissioner for Higher Education Bags Award of Excellence

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National Association of Kano State Students (NAKSS) at Federal University Dutsan-Ma, Katsina State has presented the Award of Excellence to Kano state Commissioner for Higher Education, Dr. Yusuf Ibrahim Kofar-mata.

Presenting the award president of the association Comrade Murtala Bello the association resolved to honor the commissioner in recognizing of his outstanding contributions and excellent service in uplifting the tertiary education sector in the state.

“Comrade Bello underscored the commendable achievements recorded in the Ministry for Higher Education within a short period of time.” The president added under

Responding, state commissioner for higher education Dr. Kabiru Ibrahim Kofar mata highlighted the 50% reduction in registration fees for indigens Students study at state-owned institutions and the government’s intention to extend similar benefits to indigenous students at various institutions, including FUD MA. And, the facilitation of sponsorship for foreign studies for 1001 students under Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf were major factors observed by the union in honoring him.

Dr. Yusuf Ibrahim Kofarmata, expressed gratitude to the union leaders and promised the unwavering commitment of Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf in addressing challenges hindering the development of education in the state.

In a statement signed by information officer state ministry for higher education presented another award to the Director of Quality Assurance Department in the ministry, Dr. Lukuman T. Suraja, for his significant contributions in that direction.

During the award presentation the Commissioner is accompanied with Permanent Secretary, Muttaka Iliyasu, all heads of tertiary Institutions and Directors of the ministry.

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