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Kano: NDLEA Arrests 241 Suspects, Secures 18 Conviction In Last 3 Months

Written by Pyramid FM Kano


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, Kano State Command says it has arrested 241 suspects involved in drug-related offences and secured 18 convictions within the period of last under review.

Sadiq Muhammad Maigatari, Ag. Public Relations Officer, NDLEA Kano State Command made this known in a statement issued on Tuesday

He also said the Command has recovered 3,667.734kg of illicit drugs in addition sensitizing over 4000 individuals on drug abuse prevention.

Maigatari equally said the Command has within period in review has rehabilitated 22 individuals struggling with drug dependence.

He pointed out that the arrest of 241 suspects involved in drug trafficking and distribution is a testament to the command’s proactive stance.

“These arrests not only remove dangerous individuals from society but also disrupt the illicit drug supply chain, making it increasingly difficult for drugs to reach vulnerable communities.”

“The recovery of 3,667.734kg of illicit substances further emphasizes the command’s effectiveness in intercepting and seizing drugs, thereby reducing their availability
and mitigating the harm caused by drug abuse.” Mr Maigatari further said.

He stressed that securing 18 convictions, showcases the command’s commitment to upholding justice and ensuring that drug offenders face the legal consequences of their actions.

He added “These convictions provide closure for victims and act as a strong deterrent for potential criminals.

“The NDLEA’s relentless pursuit of legal action sends a clear message that drug-related crimes will be met with severe penalties, discouraging
others from engaging in illicit activities.”

The Ag. Public Relations Officer of the NDLEA in Kano, noted that command’s sensitization campaigns have played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse.

“By reaching over 4000 individuals including school children, traditional rulers, security personnel,
among others the command has educated communities and empowered individuals to take informed choices. Sensitization campaigns foster a culture of
awareness, resilience, and healthy decision-making, reducing the demand for illicit substances and promoting a drug-free society.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that the command’s rehabilitation efforts have successfully aided 22 drug-dependent individuals in overcoming addiction and reintegrating into the society.

He explained that by addressing the root causes of drug dependence and offering comprehensive support, counseling, and skills training, the command breaks the cycle of drug abuse, enabling individuals to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

He noted that as a powerful tool, Visa clearance plays a pivotal role in the fight against drug trafficking, enabling authorities to identify and prevent potential drug traffickers from entering a country.

“The Command’s handling of over 400 visa clearance requests exemplifies its dedication to protecting the nation against the scourge of drug trafficking.

“By prioritizing efficient processing, fostering collaboration, and investing in training, the agency plays a pivotal role in safeguarding public health, ensuring economic stability, and enhancing the nation’s international reputation.

Maigatari added that the achievements was due to the Kano State Commander of NDLEA, CN Abubakar Idris Ahmad’s dogedness, resilience and commitments towards reducing drug-related offences to the barest minimum in Kano.

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