Kano Shari’a Court of Appeal CR Prohibits Officers From Entertaining FIR

Written by Pyramid FM Kano

By: Mustapha Gambo Muhammad

The Chief Registrar, Shari’a Court of Appeal, Kano, Alhaji Abubakar Haruna Khalil has said that no officer is allowed to entertain any First lnformation Report (FIR) without the designated
stamp of the Chief Registrar.

In a Circular addressed to All Shari’a Court Judges and Shari’a Court Officers, dated 1st September, 2022 sighted by Justice Watch News, with Reference No: SCA/CIR-1/1/89 said henthforth, if the Director Sharia Courts Department is on any reason absent to his duty post, no further delegation is allowed other than by the Chief Registrar.

The Chief Registrar maintained that the Circular with the titled caption ‘CIRCULAR INTRODUCTION OF CHIEF REGISTRAR’S STAMP AND OTHER MEASURES TO STRENGTHEN THE ADMINISTRATION OF F.l.R DIRECTIONS’ towas issued in an effort to ensure that (FlR) direction is administered evenly across existing courts concerned.

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“That Police Officers are only allowed to bring First lnformation Report, (FIR) for direction from 8:00am to 3:00pm, so that they can reach their respective courts before closing hours,”

“Any officer who flouts these directives shall have himself to blame for any action to be taken against him,”

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