Kano State Government Gears Up For Digital Economy Policy Validation Meeting


In a strategic move toward embracing a new era of technological and economic progress, the Kano State Government is gearing up to validate its Digital Economy Policy. Governor Abba Kabiru Yusuf has affirmed dedication to collaborative efforts, recognizing the crucial role stakeholders in Nigeria’s digital economy ecosystem play in shaping this transformative initiative.

The state government is laying the groundwork for a comprehensive policy validation meeting, extending invitations to policymakers and stakeholders across various sectors intimately connected to the digital economy. Dr. Bashir Abdu Muzakkari, the Special Adviser on Digital Economy to the Governor, highlighted the objectives behind convening this highly anticipated gathering.

Dr. Muzakkari stressed that the meeting serves as a critical platform for actively seeking input from stakeholders, fostering collaboration, building consensus, and crafting a nuanced roadmap for finalizing the draft policy. This inclusive approach ensures that the policy reflects a holistic understanding of the intricate facets of the digital landscape, accommodating diverse needs and perspectives.

“The active involvement of policymakers and industry experts is poised to elevate the quality of the ensuing Digital Economy Policy. This collaborative effort is envisioned to yield a comprehensive and flexible framework, aligning with Kano State’s aspiration to lead in technological innovation,” he added.

According to the Special Adviser, specific details, including the official date of the event, remain undisclosed, the anticipation surrounding this announcement underscores Kano State’s proactive stance in seizing the vast opportunities presented by the digital era. Stakeholders and the public are encouraged to stay abreast of updates as the state government finalizes the intricate details of this monumental step into the future.

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