Kwankwaso As Achilis of Nigeria’s Politics

Written by Pyramid FM Kano

By: Nasiru Waziri

If you’re reading this piece, in the few months to come your perception will change when it comes to understanding, predicting political happening in Nigeria.

To begin with, you don’t need a rocket scientist to figure out APC under performance, current and previous circumstances of political abuse of power, misappropriation, and misplacement of priority by the Buhari administration.

Consequently, despite his struggle to occupied the president seat since 1992 till date, the former Nigeria’s Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has never been Nigeria’s favourite politician, until the table turn in his favour over APC’s blunders and liacadasical leadership style.

A popular Hausa adage says Na zaune gwanin kokuwa. Meaning it’s easier to criticize from the outside. But it is obvious that Atiku Abubakar had advised APC on several occasions on how to handle the country but eventually APC end up practicing Atikus advised after criticizing him earlier. And that’s what makes him hero to some people.

Atiku has fevently criticize border closer by Buhari administration, for couple of years, it is now clear to everyone that Atiku warning has awaken APC of it’s ill-inform, one sided policy that raises Lagos state Internally generated Revenue (IGR) from 450 billion to 1 trillion 700 billion naira annually.

The same decision that left president Buhari’s home town 6 international borders deserted and renders over 1 million of it’s citizens jobless, not to mention terrorist engagement that ravaged the zone Helta-Skelta.

Atiku also foresees the over bearing burden of the 3 Nigeria’s domestic refineries and calls for their privatization. But APC used the same advise to belittle Atiku campaign in 2019 but now plans have reached advance stage in desposing the 3 Nigeria’s idle sisters.

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Apparently, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, BAT is one of the Nigeria’s political gladiator, considering his influence in winning APC s 2015 general elections.

And how he successfully inductrinate south west political interlectuals, right from the Afeniferi and OPC s struggle days to his administrative cabinet when he was Lagos state Governor.
Let’s Fast forward to post 2015 general elections and how he infiltrated over 30 key positions to his loyalist including 5 ministers and the Vice President.

Surely BAT is a force to reckon with, and his foresight pay off, if you observe how he single handedly reverse the decision of APC national chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu and president Buharis prefer concensus candidate Senate president Lawal Ahmed.
Mind you,Nigeria is a very difficult country to rule, is like walking in agbada babban Riga, as you fold the right hand the left hand unfold itself. Says late Yusuf Maitama Sule. Dan masanin Kano. This is what is likely to consume Bola Tinubus presidential ambition.

Virtually, Nigeria’s democracy is moving on seven controversial wheels namely:

1. Tribalism

2. Religion

3. Wings States Vote

4. Political network

5. Financial Status

6. Feasible political party

7. personal qualities.

In a note shell, to win Nigeria presidential seat, one Must include tribal balance representation , which means the joint tickets must include 2 of the 3 sensitive geo political zone, to give the supposed marginalise class a sense of belonging and inclusion.

During the medival ERA in ancient Greece. Military might and expansion of territory is determined by the continuous victory by the emperor, and that’s can only be archived via treaty and alliances.

ACHILIS is a Greek private military gladiator. Just like the modern private military company’s e.g executive nest, Black waters, etc…
ACHILIS fight for war spoils money, Gold etc… His cut in the aggrement determined his loyalty.

He has history of switching side between Greece and Rome. Whoever he backed wins the war so do Kwankwaso in Nigeria’s Politics.

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Moreover, in general politics there is what is called the wings states.
In Nigeria Lagos and Kano serve as wings of Votes because of their populations and they fly any presidential contendant to victory.
Recently it has become more glaring that Kano has more population than Lagos.
Secondly Kano has more uniform voice than Lagos. Because of similarities in norms, values, stanctiment, religion and tribes.

Meaning 90% of the populace are hausa while Lagos comprises all the 3 masure tribes. So the vote of Lagos is in disarray, cause sometimes our tribes determined our political inclination. With the aforementioned analysis, Kano remain the must important factor in the equation and KWANKWASO is the key.

It could be recalled that Obasanjo was accompanied to Kano by KWANKWASO during the 1999 presidential campaign and win.

He was the one that introduced Umaru Musa yaraduwa to Kano electorates in 2007 and it leads to victory.

KWANKWASO also bring with him Goodluck Jonathan to Kano in 2011.

It was the same KWANKWASO that brings president Buhari to Kano state, In 2015.
With the current report by the punch newspaper on 10th June that Atiku is seeking aleinces with KWANKWASO, and Peter Obi , it has proof my theory that there is possibility that KWANKWASO may bring with him Atiku Abubakar to Kano for presidential campaign. And Atiku may win the presidential race if the alliances is fine tuned accordingly.

This is just my personal thoughts please.

Thank you, have a great day.

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