Monthly Environmental Sanitation: Mobile Court Fine ‘Yankaba Motor Park 200,000, Issued 2 Weeks Abatement Notice

By: Sani Magaji Garko

The mobile court attached to the Kano state central sanitation committee has fined all associations of ‘Yankaba Motor Park the sum of two hundred thousand Naira (200,000.00) for violations of the monthly environmental sanitation exercise order.

Magistrate Auwal Yusuf Suleiman while giving his verdict on the failure of the market association to sanitize their domain, also ordered the Kano State Ministry of Environment to give a two-week abatement notice to the association for proper implementation of all observations raised by environmental experts regarding the failure of which another sanction will be imposed on them.

The court also ordered the management of the ministry to ensure that one blocked drainage at the market is completely unsealed and continue discharging water out of the market.

Meanwhile, the state commissioner for environment Alhaji Nasiru Sule Garo said the ministry would be monitoring the situation at the market closely to ensure maximum compliance with the court orders.

The commissioner asked the director of pollution control to bring the two parties involved in the blocked waterways at the ‘Yankaba Motor to ensure that everyone follows Court orders.

Also, the central sanitation committee headed by the environment commissioner visited the ‘Yankaba market and Murtala Muhammad library to ascertain the level of their cleanliness.

“At ‘Yankaba vegetables market the level of sanitation is fair, however, some observation was given to the management especially their drainages and public convenience, and we hope they would implement all the observations raised by our expert,” Nasiru Garo said.

“At Murtala Muhammad Library their place is clean, however, some of the toilets are locked, but the available ones we see are a little beet good there is a need for provisions of adequate water because you know this modern toilet would not work without water,” said the commissioner.

He then urged the general public to use Saturday’s monthly environmental period to clean their domain especially as Sallah approaches.

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