National Unity Pivotal to Economic Growth, Development – Ambassador Bala

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By: Abdullahi Jalaluddeen

Ensuring National Unity among Nigerians irrespective of religion, ethnicity and political beliefs has been described as key to the Nations economic growth and development.

Ambassador Sani Bala disclosed this during the Northwest regional Consultative Forum organized by a Non Governmental Organization, Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development, SCDDD in Kano.

He said national unity is core and very important for the country to attain it growth and development.

Ambassador Sani who is the convener of program called on the critical stakeholders to take upon themselves by promoting national unity and discard anything capable of disrupting the unity of the nation.

Speaking while presenting a paper titled “Nigeria and the Challenges of National Unity, Beyond the 2023 General Election Versus The Imperative of Dialogues for National Cohesion, Security and Development ” an associate Professor with Department of Political Science, Bayero University Kano, BUK, Dr. Abdullahi Zainawa said Nigeria’s unity may remain a mirage if the political elites in the country fails to change their attitudes from politics of divisive.

Dr. Zainawa called on the politicians to eschew politics of divisive, ethnicity and religion for the nation to forge ahead and record rapid development.

“One of the things that I consider will heal Nigeria, is the issue of attitudinal change of especially the Nigerian political elites to eschew divisive politics, politics of ethnicity, religion and critics. The politicians always use the common man to weep up sentiment in their favour. And which if not addressed will keep Nigeria divided. Unless the politicians change their attitudes of this divisive politics, Nigeria’s unity may still remain a mirage.

“When this is done, it will address the issue of disunity and disintegration in the country.

“Also, the issue of promoting inclusion and equality. That inspite of our ethnic, religious and regional differences, we should all come together to unite the country irrespective of our sociocultural differences in order to prosper and develop. Our sociocultural background should not be a stumbling block for our unity as well as integration,” Dr. Zainawa however stated.

Earlier, the SCDDD Senior Program Manager, Bola Abimbola said the regional consultative forum being supported by MacArthur Foundation was to help galvanize the regional perspective and positions towards the state of the nation, especially as concerned development, peace, security, regional integration and even restructuring all tailored towards a more united and cohesive Nigeria.

Abimbola however, noted that it has organized the regional consultative forum in North Central, North East, South South, South West and now in North West after which it will conduct that of South East.

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