NCDC Confirms 13 Cases of Dengue Fever in Sokoto State

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By: Annabel Nwachukwu

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) has confirmed 13 cases of dengue fever in Sokoto State.

The Director-General of NCDC, Ifedayo Adetifa, who confirmed this in a statement on the organization’s website, stated that a total of 71 suspected cases were reported across three Local Government Areas (L.G.As) in the state.

Giving further breakdown of the infection, Dr Adetifa said 60 cases were reported from-Sokoto South, three cases from Wamako and one case from Dange Shuni.

He however said no death has been reported from the infection.

“Based on a dynamic risk assessment, the current risk level of the dengue outbreak has been determined to be MODERATE for the following reasons,’’ the statement reads.

Dr. Adetifa assured citizens of the country’s capacity to respond effectively in the event of a large-scale outbreak, emphasizing the country’s experience in handling the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and Lassa fever.

“Nigeria has also responded to viral haemorrhagic fever epidemics like the Ebola Outbreak in 2014 and subsequently Lassa fever. This has built our preparedness and response capabilities for viral haemorrhagic fevers like dengue virus (DENV) over the years.’’

Dr. Adetifa urged Nigerians, especially Sokoto residents, to strictly adhere to preventive measures.

These measures include wearing protective clothing, sleeping under insecticide-treated mosquito nets, using insect repellent, and maintaining proper sanitation to minimize mosquito breeding.

Dengue fever, caused by the dengue virus (DENV) transmitted through mosquito bites, is prevalent in tropical and sub-tropical climates. While most cases are mild with a one to two-week recovery, severe cases can be fatal.

The symptoms include high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pains, nausea, vomiting, swollen glands, and rash.

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