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No connection between the death of pregnant patient with New Naira note in MAWTH – Dr. Tsanyawa.


By: Mukhtar Yahaya Shehu.

Kano state ministry of health said there is no connection between the death of a pregnant woman Shema’u Sani with the use of new Naira note in Muhammad Abdullahi Wase Teaching Hospital.

The state commissioner for Health Dr Aminu Ibrahim Tsanyawa stated this during a press conference on the lost ofa patient at the hospital.

He said the policy of the government on all medical emergencies is clearly known and practice by all the staffs especially those working in the Accident and Emergencies, Emergency pediatric units and Labour rooms, that first aid management must be instituted to serve life before any formality.

” 33 year old multigravida, at 36 weeks gestation, booked elsewhere who presented to the hospital around 5pm on the 11th February 2023, with complain of PV bleeding and cessation of fetal movement. She was attended by the Doctor on call, who gave all the necessary first aid to her including setting of IV Lines, taking of blood sample for grouping and cross matching in preparation for blood transfusion, took urine sample and did a bedside analysis where he conformed presence of protein in the urine. He later did the detail clinical examinations where he found her to have mild anemia, a BP of 150/90mmhg with tachycardia and marked abdominal pain with absent fetal heart sound”. The commissioner added.

” He made a diagnosis of Abruptio with Intrauterine fetal death secondary to preeclampsia, patient was given Magnesium sulphate and started augmentation of labour for the patient under close monitoring. The labour progress, 6 hours later, she delivered a fresh still birth at around 11pm. She however, started bleeding profusely, the doctor on call made on assessment of primary postpartum hemorrhage and quickly attempt to stopped the bleeding while trying to transfused the patient. She was given all the necessary medications and had first point of blood given and the second one started around 1pm. Patient condition was noticed to be deteriorating the doctor, call other senior doctors who supported in resurrection but unfortunately, the patient gave up and was certified dead around 3:50pm”. Dr. Tsanyawa said.

The commissioner further said from the above narratives, there a no link between the death of Shema’u Sani Labaran with the issue of new Naira note.

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