Palestine Ready For Two State Solution On Gaza

Written by Pyramid FM Kano


The Palastinian Ambassador to Nigeria Abdullah Shawesh says his country is open for dialogue that will end the long standing crisis with Israel.

He stated this in Abuja during a press briefing on the ongoing onslaught between Palastine and Israel.

Ambassador Abdullah explained that Plalastine under the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, PLO negotiator Mahmoud Abbas since 1993 in what was known as Oslo accord.

He said Palastine was also ready for a two state solution to the lingering crisis of occupation by the Israelis.

On the attack on Baptist Hospital in Gaza, Ambassador Abdullah alleged that Israeli occupation war aircrafts were responsible for bombing of the Hospital, which was an old Christian hospital, where dozens of displaced families took shelter, because of their believe that the hospital being close to the church is a safe haven, and completely immune from military attacks, in accordance with international law.

He claimed that immediately after the attack, the designated digital spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister Hanania Naftali published a tweet admitting that Israel had bombed the Baptist Hospital in Gaza, but later on, he deleted his tweet.

He accused the West, led by the United States of America, which did not stop lecturing and preaching about international law and human rights law, but did not stop providing unconditional support to the Israeli occupation, did not condemn the Israeli attack on the Baptist Hospital in Gaza, and these countries, in particular have paralyzed last Monday the Security Council, and prevented it from adopting a resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Palastinian Ambassador to Nigeria also accused Western media outlets for waging a dirty war against the Palestinian people by broadcasting and distributing dozens of false and fake news, with the aim of portraying the Palestinians as murderers, thugs and inferior subhuman beings in a re-engineering of the global consciousness towards full acceptance of the Israeli genocide and war crimes against the Palestinian people currently underway.

He called on the international community to stand firm and united in support of the international law.


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