PCC to Tackle Victimization Of Nigerians By Unregistered cooperative societies, Individuals — Ayo-Yusuf

Written by Pyramid FM Kano

The federal government public complaints Commission says it is committed to tackle Victimization of Nigerians in groups or on individuals basis especially by cooperate society with a view to maximize profit while investing their money.

The Honarable commissioner of the PCC Honarable Abimbola Ayo-Yusuf stated this at a town hall meeting with all stakeholders on the Systemic and proactive investigation into activities of unregistered cooperative societies in North-West region Kano, Kano state.

Abimbola Ayo-Yusuf represented by federal commissioner in charge of Kano Honarable Honarable Ado Ahmad Dadin-Kowa said the meeting is aimed at drawing the attention of the public on the activities of unregistered cooperative societies or individuals defrauding people’s money and other valuable.

Report says over 4,500 people were defrauded over 819 million Naira recently in Northwestern Nigeria out of which the lion share come from Kano.

But, Dadin-Kowa said PCC national headquarters organized the meeting with the aim of bringing all the relevant stakeholders so as to discuss the chelleanges and the way forward.

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He said many issues has been discussed and a lots of complaints has been resaid so that all the stakeholders will take drastic measures addressed the problems.

The Honorable commissioner said “the attention of law enforcement agencies has been drawn to be up and doing in their responsibilities, the National orientation agency NOA has been involved so that they would sensitize the general public on the dangers of patronizing unregistered cooperative societies”.

“The regulatory agencies which are federal ministry of commerce and state ministry of commerce. Their attention was also drawn and they were also advised to do their jobs effectively,and also ensure that any organization that comes to their place for registration were scrutinized”.

He said complaints about the activities of unregistered cooperative societies and organisations, how they were defrauding people their belongings were reported.

In his remarks, the director, public sector investigation of the commission Barrister Ewa Udu said the commission has observed with dismay that the regulatory agencies are not performing their responsibilities effectively a situation that prompted the commission to initiate the meeting so as to call their attention on the issues.

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Barrister Ewa Udu assured of the commissions commitments that all the security agencies including Department of state service (DSS), Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), National orientation agency (NOA), Kano state public complain and Anti-corruption commission (PCACC), federal and state ministries of commerce and all the regulatory agencies will continue to be fully involved so as to reduce these issues.

He said’the Honorable commissioner has assured Nigerians that any head of agency would be held accountable and will make sure they perform their duties so tht people will not fall victims to such economic fraud’.

The director added that all the stakeholders and agencies including registered cooperative societies, independent corrupt practice and other related offences commission (ICPC), NOA, DSS, EFCC, PCACC, Police and the PCC will work closely to address the issues.

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