Report Water Shortage cases to WASH Dept. For Response -MD RUWASA

Written by Pyramid FM Kano



The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency RUWASA has charged members communities in the state to report water challenges to the water, sanitation and hygiene department ‘WASH’ in each 44 local government areas in the state.

The managing Director of the agency Alh. Shamwilu Abdulkadir Gezawa stated this in a press conference in his office.

Alh. Shamwilu Abdulkadir said WASH Department is responsible to Compiled Data on the issues and forward it to the agency for necessary action.

He warns those who are sharing false video clips on using contaminated water by some rural communities.

The managing director pointed out that, the responsibility of the agency to supply water at a place where Tap water is not available, he explained the partnership project with non governmental organizations for construction of solar boreholes, toilets at schools, markets, social centers and training of youth on boreholes services.

Alh. Shamwilu Abdulkadir Gezawa assured that, Abba Kabir Yusuf led administrations focuses on provision of hygienic water and fight against open defection in the state.

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