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SWAN Kano State Chapter Distributes Bags of Rice as Ramadan Gesture

By: Muzammil Dalhatu Yola

SWAN (Sports Writers Association of Nigeria) Kano State Chapter recently embarked on a generous initiative by distributing bags of rice to its registered members as a Ramadan gesture to alleviate some hardships faced by the members. The thoughtful gesture by the SWAN Kano State Chapter aimed to support its members during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Chairman of SWAN Kano State Chapter, Zaharaddeen Sale, and the National SWAN Ex-Officio, Rilwanu Idris Malikawa, both commended the SWAN members for their remarkable contributions to the development of the association. They urged the members to redouble their efforts in ensuring the growth and success of SWAN Kano, emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration among the members.

Chairman Zaharaddeen Sale emphasized that the welfare of the SWAN Kano State Chapter members is of utmost importance. He called for continuous cooperation and teamwork among the members to ensure the association’s continued success and growth. The gesture of distributing rice during Ramadan not only provided essential relief to the members but also highlighted the spirit of solidarity and support within the SWAN community.

The distribution of 10kg bags of rice as a Ramadan gesture by SWAN Kano State Chapter exemplifies the association’s commitment to supporting its members during challenging times. The words of encouragement from Chairman Zaharaddeen Sale and National Ex-Officio Malikawa serve as a reminder of the collective effort required to make SWAN Kano State Chapter a strong and impactful organization.

The generosity and thoughtful gesture of SWAN Kano State Chapter in distributing rice to its members reflect the spirit of camaraderie and care within the association. Chairman Zaharaddeen Sale’s call for continuous cooperation and unity among the members sets a positive tone for the future success and prosperity of SWAN Kano State Chapter.

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