Tinubu Threatened To Relieve Non-performing Appointees To Make Way For Others

Written by Pyramid FM Kano

From: ABBA BASHIR; Abdullah Bello

President Bola Tinubu has threatened to relieve non-performing political appointees of the their appointments to make way for committed Nigerians to deliver.

The President made the threat in Abuja, while declaring open a 3-day retreat for cabinet members of his administration.

He said at the end of the retreat, participants would be made to sign a bond with him, warning that a Result Delivery Unit, to be headed by the Special Adviser to the President on Policy and Co-ordination, Hadiza Bala Usman, would evaluate their performances.

“If you are performing nothing to fear, if you miss the objective, we’ll review, if no performance you leave us. If you have any complaint about her, see me. If you’re ready to work with her, stay there. Delivery, yes, we must achieve it for the sake of Nigerians.
“We are not looking backwards, we can’t complain and give excuses. This is our country we have to build it, we have to renew the foundation. We have to give hope to the populace, to Nigerians in doubt whether democracy and economic growth will be the pathway to their prosperity.
“I’m here to assure you and walk with you the best brain we can put together in civil service, the brain that we can put together in our democratic parliament and have been chosen for us by the public”, President Tinubu stressed.

He emphasised that a great Nigeria was possible, saying that a greater Nigeria will come under their commitment, guidance, and resolute determination to give the country a direction.

“And we are here to make allegiance and give direction to that one family making sure that relationship can only be stronger if we give hope to our people. We can only achieve our mission with baldness and strong determination with collaboration.
“As I’ve stated before, no one succeeds alone. You the civil service, you must not see a minister as he or she will come and go and you will be there. You must make a positive team for the good of this country”, he said.

President Tinubu advised them to be committed to the values and principles of result that could impact Nigerians positively as the last six months of the administration were focused on reviewing and evaluating themselves, which has made it possible for them to set the agenda to guide them.

“I assure you you have a free hand, you must be intellectually inquisitive to ask how, why, when and why it must be immediate. You have responsibility to serve the people.
“Yes, we are talking about the population of this country. What do you do with it? Make it an asset or a liability? Focus on its progress and come up with bold endeavours. We have great talents around the world. The biggest intellectually-sound country in the Horn of Africa. Yes, we have challenges in the Sahel, we have challenges of climate change, south and north of Nigeria is battered. With ocean surge, we have desert encroachment in the north, but we are still blessed with arable lands. We can do it we can build our country”, he said.

The President acknowledged again that Nigerians were going through the reform agenda painfully, but that Nigeria still had other challenges to contend with.

He said: “We will transform the economy to work for millions of our citizens we must take 50 million people out of poverty. We must build healthcare that works for all. Look around don’t be wicked. Look at the standard of education, look at the classrooms, look at the roads. We can only spend the money, we will find it, we cannot spend the people.”

The President said there was no crime in borrowing, advising however that every achievement must home grown.

The President said they were not retreating from progress, to talk to one another and chart a path for progress and prosperity of the nation.

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