UN Reforms, Infrastructures takes Centre-stage as Chinese Delegation Visits Tuggar

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Nigeria and China have expressed the desire to further expand trade and economic cooperation, as Nigeria wants increased participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

This was the high point of discussions when the Director-General of the Department of African Affairs, MFA, China, Mr Wu Peng, led the delegation and met with Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar, laying the groundwork for a potential ministerial and presidential visit later this year.

In a show of strengthening ties, China reaffirmed its commitment to Nigeria’s infrastructure development and economic growth during the high-level visit.

Infrastructure development also took centre stage in the discussions. China lauded its existing involvement in major Nigerian projects, emphasising its recent loan to the railway project.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar who applauded China for its involvement in Nigeria’s infrastructure development, reechoed that it is the cornerstone of President Bola Tinubu’s development agenda.

The Chinese delegation also voiced its support for Nigeria’s industrialization and value-added manufacturing, particularly in battery-related minerals, a sector where Nigeria holds rich potential. Job creation and local economic empowerment were key themes, suggesting a shift towards deeper economic integration.

On global politics, China pledged its support for Nigeria’s aspirations on the global stage, backing Nigeria’s call for increased African representation in the United Nations Security Council.

The Chinese delegation expressed great confidence in Nigeria’s economic future, seeing the 21st century as Africa’s time to shine. This optimism coincides with Nigeria’s plans for reform and growth, creating a fertile ground for closer collaboration.

Both sides agreed to build on the momentum of this visit. A potential presidential trip to China and a reciprocating visit by Tuggar to his Chinese counterpart are in the pipeline, signifying a strong commitment to bolstering ties.

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