Vaccination Card Retention will enhance a better health Records – UNICEF

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United Nations Children Funds (UNICEF) has assured its readiness to create more awareness on the important of vaccination Card Retention.

The Kano field officer UNICEF Rahma R. Farha stated this during a One meeting Dialogue with stakeholders from Kano, Jigawa and Katsina States on immunization Card Retention organized by National Orientation Agency (NOA) in collaboration with UNICEF Kano Field Office.

Mr. Farha represented by Mr. Ogu Enemaku said Card Retention level is not too bad, but it can be better than it is,we want every child or adult if vaccinated to keep his or her vaccination card.

“Vaccination cards are health records that is not destroyed. Once everybody is vaccinated and given vaccination Card, the vaccination Card should be retain for future use”. Mr. Ogu said

Mr Ogu Enemaku pointed out that, the figures on this issue different from one state to another or from one local government area to another, but generally is above average at a moment.

” From the Data presented to us from Kano state Primary Health care management board shows that, in every local government area there is certain rate of retention, but we need to be improve. Every child or adult vaccinated their vaccination Card should be kept, it shouldn’t be lost or stolen, it is a vital form of record.” Mr Ogu added

In his welcome address, the Kano state National Orientation Agency coordinator Alhaji Salisu Uzairu Kutama said the meeting was aim to the way forward the important of immunization Card Retention from the community.

Alhaji Salisu Uzairu Kutama also called on the general public to know that whatever government bring is for their own benefits.

“Card Retention is very important, I called on the fathers and mothers whenever their children vaccinated from any immunization, the vaccination Card should be kept with good care”. Alhaji Kutama said

Speaking earlier, the mobilization officer state primary health care management board Malam Ado Sanda pointed out that, the vaccination or immunization Card contains date of birth,town or village and number of Doses of any child for proffer record which is available in every healthcare facilities across the state.

Malam Ado Sanda added that, according to new policy from the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency the new card will contain a 3 tiers that’s one for a child another one for facility record and the last One for the traditional ruler in the area.

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