WaAGNER Group: The Fourth Adopted Child Of Vladimir Putin



Vladimir Putin doesn’t need a thorough introduction especially in this recent two decades away from the 20th century.

Putin real birth name is Vladimirovich Putin, is a Russian politician, and former intelligence officer, serving as the current president of Russia.

As a president he enjoyed partnering with government institutions as partners for development as provided in the Russian constitution.

Russia’s constitution came into force on 25 December 1993, at the moment of its official publication and abolished the Soviet system of government. The current Constitution is the second most long-lived in the history of Russia, after the Constitution of 1936. In miniature book version,
in the constitution.

The government of Russia is the federal executive body of state power of the Federation. The members of the government are the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Ministers, and the Federal Ministers.

Like all federal states, the Federal Assembly is bicameral in structure and is deeply rooted in Russian history and worldwide parliamentary traditions.
With the existing pillars of three teirs of government namely ; Ligislature , Judiciary and Executive.

If Russia has a fourth branch of government would definitely be WAGNER.

On the personal note,
Putin has At least 2, children Maria and Katrina, the Third child of Putin is Russian Federation and the fourth adopted child is undoubtedly
Wagner group. Take it or leave it .

As the history has it, the World War II veteran Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel, was a German field marshal during World War II. Popularly known as the Desert Fox, he served in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany, as well as serving in the Reichswehr of the Weimar Republic, and the army of Imperial.

One of his popular quote is “men are basically four types, the smart, dumb, lazy and the ambitious. The dumb and lazy ones are dangerous i get rid of them, the smart and lazy ones i made my commanders, the dumb ones i gave them mundane duties”.

Wagner has so much in common with General Rommel, not only in quote but in administration and tactics in battle field combat and security outlook, it didn’t end there, the structure of Putin’s security outlet, is a replica of Desert Fox team work and strategy.

The word wagner is derived from the Germanic surname Waganari, meaning ‘WAGONMAKER’ or ‘WAGON DRIVER’. The Wagner surname is German. The name is also well-established in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, eastern Europe, and elsewhere as well as in all German-speaking countries, and among Ashkenazi Jews.

Wagner Group has intervened in the affairs of several African countries, providing military and security support while expanding Moscow’s influence across the continent.

The Wagner Group, a thousands-strong private military force, has in recent years become one of Russia’s most influential foreign policy tools. It has played a significant role on the battlefields of Syria 12 years and Ukraine over a year and, recently, has worked to expand its footprint in Africa. The group has operated in several African countries since 2017, often providing its clients with direct military support and related security services alongside propaganda efforts.

Wagner Group was Founded by Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, all though there are speculations that he is fronting the P.M.C for Putin.

Although PMCs are illegal under Russian law, the Kremlin uses Wagner to forward its foreign policy interests in Africa.

Russia’s main goal in Africa at this point is really to build up diplomatic support that it hopes to use in places like the United Nations,”says CFR’s Thomas Graham.”The Wagner Group got involved in Africa for its own reasons, such as private money making. But more recently, the Kremlin has found this a useful adjunct to what it’s trying to do diplomatically.”

In January 2023, the U.S. government designated Wagner as a significant transnational criminal organization.

The Wagner Group has established operations in several African countries, where many of its operations focus on security issues. It has often provided security services and paramilitary assistance and launched disinformation campaigns for troubled regimes in exchange for resource concessions and diplomatic support. Wagner is most active in the Central African Republic (CAR), Libya, Mali, and Sudan, all of which have a tenuous relationship with the West due to colonial legacies and inherent political differences.

Wagner’s status as a PMC limits the financial costs of Russian intervention and gives the Kremlin plausible deniability, allowing it to hide personnel losses from the Russian public while simultaneously using Russian military infrastructure, in return, Prigozhin has emerged as a prominent figure in the war in Ukraine and among the Russian public.

In some cases, Wagner’s involvement in Africa has resulted in alleged human rights violations and exacerbated regional insecurity according to United Nation . In Libya, Wagner troops who fought alongside the Libyan National Army during its 2019 Tripoli campaign have been accused of committing extrajudicial killings and planting landmines in civilian areas. More recently, the group has been reportedly supplying Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces militia with missiles during it’s war against the Sudanese army.

Wagner troops also operate in the same areas as the UN peacekeeping mission in CAR, threatening the United Nation’s ability to protect civilians.But that UN point of view anyway!

Meanwhile, the group has continued to expand its foothold in the Sahel. Recently leaked U.S. intelligence has revealed that Wagner is working with Chadian rebels to oust the country’s transitional president, MOHAMMED DEBI and some analysts predict that Burkina Faso, could soon hire Wagner to help counter a growing jihadi insurgency after France withdrew its troops from the country earlier this year.

Military and security service personnel of Wagner has the strengths of about the size of the Malian Armed Forces vary; approximately 19,000 total troops (13,000 Army; 800 Air Force; 3,000 Gendarmerie; 2,000 National Guard)(2019 est.) but has the current destructive capability that quardripple it size, due to its access to deadly latests military hardware, advanced technology, higher arms and armaments budget. And it all on Putin pockets.
So if you were ask how many children does Putin has? You can add Russia and Wagner as his adopted children after plusing to two of his biological children Maria and katrina.
I come in peace .

Nasiru Waziri is a commentator on National and Global Happening.

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