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Western Media Influence, a Prototype to Satanism Engagement in Africa

Written by Pyramid FM Kano

By: Nasiru Waziri

General elections discussion has dominated the internet recently because is the biggest upcoming event in the African Giant Nation in less than 9 months to come. Nigeria has enough intellectuals to navigate the election module aparandi, in terms of journalistic advised. Thank God, that’s actually Save’s my energy on writing anything on the forthcoming elections.

I think much attention should be given to social stratification so as to inculcate a good moral decadence to our younger generation if we surely need a society free from moral degradation, contamination ,and all kind of negative action.

Historically, he control & manipulation of political opinion has been the western main weapon in gaining control of countries and state. Once in control of ruler & politicians of the country, laws & political structures could be change according to their agenda.

However, restricting the body doesn’t mean restricting the mind. The west recognises their plan for global governance by completely subdueing the masses to there agenda, thus eliminating the opposition to their cause & the greatest threat to their plan pausing danger than any army or laws , is the threat of a free thinking mind.

In order to eliminate this threat and to achieved their objectives the west have set up the boldest plan ever device, the complete control of every aspects of human life, your life.

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And the weapons they are using against you, are in your very home,
entertaining you and your family and gradually indoctrinating you without you even realising.

In today’s society, people are spending more time engaging with multimedia such as TV, VIDEO GAMES, CINEMA , MOVIES, AND THE INTERNET, popular fiction and music are integral part of their lives. Yet these provide a vast expands on information which you are taking either conscious or subconscious mind, information on society ranging from ideals and morals, difference between right and wrong, to the way society and economy should be structured is passed before you every single day.

These media play a significant role in providing the bases for determining the individual views to the world and everything that existt, thus anyone grouping completely, controlling information place in these media will in effects have the power to their way of of thinking. Is to this fact that the west are exploiting.

The west are using the entertaining industry in particular to conditions people to their way of thinking either openly or subliminally, the method they used varies, but the goal is the same, to impose their believes their ideology, to the extent that you begin to think them as one of your own.

Evidence of their presence within popular entertainment industry is wide spread. Hail’s one of the greatest composer of all time, Woofgan Amadaya smutza, composed a symphony which is a open display of Satanic balling. The symphony is base on the story of enceint
Egyptian methodology the story is based on versus and the Cyrus it hold the encient rites of the Egyptian methodology, which is originated from art of the kabalah one of the aspect of Freemasonry origin of the symbol of the one eye stamps.

Apparently, the evidence of the western Satanism presence is commonly found in more recent times music, show and talent shows and movies. Michael Jackson is regarded as the greatest entertainer of all time. Responsible for producing the best selling album in the world, is known to be Link with western Satanism.

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However, the cover of his Dangerous 1993 album, has some interesting features. The cover art has a picture of Ball headed man, nown to the acult Alex De Crowley, he is a Satanist who wrote the book THE NEW LAW OF MAN. The example goes on and on…

From Madonna song “like a pray “to the Eagle music group”CALIFORNIA”, and MIT JAGA ,the author of “Sympathy’s for the devil”. Matt Gronnin, the creator of the popular TV Cartoon series “The Simpsons” , Say’s he want to get his political idea within his work.
What is the Simpsons teaching our children? It’s telling our kids that ignorance is trendy and cool, it is also teaching disregard for the authority, whether governmental or parental.

The current trend of different TV shows and talent scout Shows, are the prototype of polluting our youth nowadays, eg.
“Nigerian Got talent” , dancing competition , the deadliest of all is “BIG BROTHER NAIGA”.

In case you never watch the show is a mixed gender X- rated Television Show which is governed under some stipulated rules which includes; ejection, solitary confining housemates ,sleeping, bathing together with co -housemates.

Voting for ejection and retention of housemate is the must important stage of the show, where viewers has the power to raise unemergenable amount of money for
Housemate in this recession. Money that can be use to save someone life is being spent prodigally on a useless TV show.

The purpose of this piece is to awake our society to act acidiously to filter all the foreign media negative influence in our community to ensure safe and sound of moral future for our society today and tomorrows youth.

Thank you.

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